Thursday, 29 August 2013

this place is the beach

Freaking Hell Square Enix, i applaud you.
Costa Del Sol; This place is like paradise on earth.
Now i can enjoy the beach without feeling the gunky sand in my toes and not worry about UV rays.

Seems like my night screenshots arent as nice as they look in game. Anyways, several huge bosses in this area, the giant bomb and Cancer the crab.

And i watched the sun rise.
I actually felt so peaceful as i listened to 'Erasure-Always I want to be with you'.

Now I feel like going to a beach vaca with my boyfriend.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Sunday, 25 August 2013

im only here because its maintenance, kupo.

oh look its my cousin.

my eevee thing & i, swimming.

weaving in game was never so fun

we were lucky that some nice people gave us NA codes yesterday, otherwise have to wait until the 27th. 3 days is not an option!
Whoever is playing, come join us on Tonberry JP server! My name is Melon Pan.
If you arent playing, well maybe you need some persuasion. I can help. :)

P.S. Ben Affleck is going to be Batman. Ohhhh mannn why they do dis...
Well watch this, Angry Joe just cracks me up.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Dont bother me this week, oh and maybe the next.

Rayleigh, you're in the wrong anime.

So then I created Boa Hancock.

A flood of Carbuncles, only in Limsa.

And went to the light parties.

 I was kind of proud of myself when I could read this name..

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Nippon kara ikimashita ; Day 10

But first, I had the most awful day yesterday in a long time. 
My second fever in 2 weeks...i cant believe it, i thought i was able to take care of my body. 
Woke up in the middle of the night, took panadol & went back to dreaming about One Piece.
Made some mistakes at work which caused my colleagues and supervisor trouble. Really really stupid of me.
Then, I bought dinner & reached home but i forgot my keys. And just today everyone wasnt home. So i went to the CC coffeeshop to eat & wait.
BUT. thats not all. i didnt take cutlery for my food. So i had to borrow from a stall. Halfway through i realised i borrowed it from a malay stall when i was eating chinese food. I dont know if it is taboo but i felt very bad. 
Well, i wasnt thinking straight the whole day..and then Zh tells me he also lost his stuff in the hotel. 
Very bad day for us.

Japan Day 10

Had a very good sleep in the capsule surprisingly. We went out for breakfast at Yoshinoya nearby and i brought ZH to the shopping mall i went to yesterday. 

Afterwards, we checked out & decided to come to ....Shinagawa, of all places. Yeah we were running out of places to go.
Finding a locker here is really difficult, and I dont know why its so crowded here.
I went around the shops to change for coins but all of them were shooing me away like a pest. Maybe they had people exchanging fake money or something. But, i finally got my change from the nice people of Dean & Deluca.

Nomming on an onigiri. i dont remember where he got that from. o_o"
& Dean & Deluca behind.

Well, there isnt much to see here so i guess thats why its not in the tourist booklet. But we didnt want to go too far from the Airport. comes my crazyface.
He has to carry his FF poster because it wont fit in lockers. ORBI GOOD! >_^
Oh now i remember. We got food from a combini. Yep, always with the combinis, this sure isnt healthy.

We found the Aquarium and the indoor park. But it ddnt seem so interesting so we just stole a picture and walked away.

With nothing else to do in Shinagawa, we decided to go back to Shinjuku as it was still early.
We didnt really explore all of Shinjuku that day too as we headed straight to Artnia.

Tadaaa...the impressive Times Square building. Tokyu Hands + Takashimaya. Definitely occupied us a while.

And Zh on his relentless search for a Porter bag. He did more shopping than I have.

And walking around Shinjuku.

We just kept walking around the district, Shinjuku felt like Shibuya somehow with the layout of the street.

Here, we stopped for...dinner? Probably our last proper meal in Japan. No more ramen, but rice bowl.
This shop (with zh's head in it), i dont know whats it called but it has REALLLLLYYYYYYYSUUGOIIII bibim-pork bowl.

You order by a machine too, so i chose what looked nice. At first i didnt know what it was, but the poster said it was bibimbap pork. No wonder it tasted different. And i dont even like bibimbap so it was sugoku oiishi. Zh's one was normal..ahaha..

Also, through that street beside it, Zh told me it was where they filmed The Shinjuku Incident. The one with Daniel Wu. I was really impressed when he told me "oh, this is the place where he was selling the chestnuts and the yakuzas came and beat him", or "this pachinko place is where they filmed".
So yeah, we were traipsing in dangerous territory, while i was trying to hide the DSLR. I wouldnt want them to think im taking photos of their place!

Streets were kinda sleazy & empty & we were kind of scared. We hurriedly walked back out into crowded places. We also saw girls that came out of some 'shops', they walked in front of us & they met some men in business suits who gave their name cards to them. You can kind of interpret that situation..

Went into their H&M.

Isetan? Also looked really grand here.

We walked a lot today as well. You can see, sun is setting and we were heading to 'God's something?' (Yabai, 2 months ago i can remember but now.. >.<) a shopping mall near Lumine.

Haaaa....* I remember standing on this bridge still. When will i go back again?

And this cafe that sells the most ridiculous sweets. Ice cream cone on top of sundaes and crazy stuff. Wow.
Luckily we didnt go for it though, the after-regret would be over 1000.

Night fell, and we headed for Haneda airport. Yup, another nighter at the airport till our flight home at 6am. We're cheapos that way but its way more fun i think when you have to scrimp.

I guess i was really tired because i took 2 naps, while Zh didnt at all. Afterwards, we crashed on the plane.

Sayonara Tokyo~maybe next year!