Saturday, 2 April 2016

Rage wall

WHY is my heal also an attack skill and not targetable? ?? People are dying I put stupid shit on the ground ask them to help themselves? And what if I already used it to hit that monster ? Because it is 1 of 2 attack skills that I only have !!?

And the lag and the bugs on quests anxiety the non stop gold sellers this the world of free to play that I've come back to?

I can even begin on the content of this game. Koreans love their mindless grinding. The first dungeon is level 50 and I don't even know how fun it will be because the system to get in is broken. I have no motivation to play alone because they give me cool downs on my attack skills.

Okay. So maybe it is premature to Diss my cleric first. But I can't imagine I will play this next month even. There's not much content to do!

I kind of miss FF. But you have nothing for me to come back to.

At least this guy is good looking