Tuesday, 15 August 2017

thinking of blogging about stuff again....hmmm

to be continued.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Our BTO Home-Part 2

The awaited day has arrived. Went to HDB to collect our keys and drain our CPF.
But well worth it!

Sad part is we mistakenly opted for floors, sanitary and doors even though we thought we didnt. The partition wall is the only thing opted out of. Thank goodness.

The view of the roof garden from our flat. Must say it is quite windy. 

Skirting def must be painted.

The floor tiles were greyish with a tinge of brown. Not as bad IRL but ZH hates it to the core.

I dont hate the floors that much but i know these tiles are a pain to clean. 

View from our service yard. Im impressed the provided all the drying racks already! saves me time trying to figure out what is needed. 

Kitchen is smaller than I thought but its fine 

Whats the point of 3 little windows? Even if its logical, its certainly not aesthetically pleasing.

Common rooms.

That concludes my first visit to our home! Hoping to get things moving soon~

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Our BTO Home-Part 1

We had applied for our BTO back in 2014. Now fast forward to 2017, its almost time to collect our keys. :)

Do you know where this is? 

I know some other residents have already collected their keys already. We havent received the date of collection yet but it should be end of January/ early February. If it was on my birthday that would be great!

The good thing about your SO being and interior designer is: cost price for reno ;)

We have been planning out our interior designs lately; looking at pinterest, qanvast, going to Courts etc... I dont know about you but i get very excited about home renovations. :) Its the feeling of designing a space all by yourself. 

Now our theme will mostly be black white grey tones, wood and marble. :)
Kompacplus for the kitchen tops, EDL laminates for the cabinets.

Pretty much confirmed on using Milano Marble but i just saw a darker one called Linate Slate!

Cabinets will be dark grey/black. 

We'll have that mirror. Cabinet im still not sure. But zh wants to overlay the shower with wood like that. Tiles maybe as well. 

Below are some of his drawings. I must say his sketches have improved tremendously! 

We're planning on renting 2 of our spare rooms out...though im pretty apprehensive about living with so many strangers. Maybe one room is good too but...the extra money is even better.

Bedroom initial plan is good. But if we have to accomodate our computers, we have to make space for a long desk. So...bye bye bedroom plan.