Tuesday, 24 September 2013

what i was up to..

Finally got my weaver AF!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

We found friends in a hopeless place

Moonfaire Event.Wouldnt this be cool as a flying mount?

Started running Amdapor Keep this week, right after the speed runs were banned. Well I dont mind running a proper dungeon anyways. First few times going to pugs we were stuck SO BAD at the demon wall. People who cant follow the pattern, people who get thrown off the edge, people who cant LB, people who lag...ugh.

Struck a gold yesterday in the first run with this bard Pomeranian. At first he was aggro-ing all the hate and I was like Oh shit he's one of those im-going-to-show-off-who-cares-about-tank DPS. But later on he knew what he was doing, and the demon wall fell so fast i didnt even have time to worry about bees.

Later on we bonded and along with this Tofu Killer. Pom is from HK and Tofu from Taiwan. ZH was half hongkie so they all bonded right away exchanging swear words in dialect. Boys.
Too bad Tofu was from another server and we had to say byebye. :(

Friday, 6 September 2013

Look at that Tin Can.

Still happily laughing at Light's armor before the Garuda fight. Thank god we cleared it after getting AF pieces.