Saturday, 28 February 2015

Spending the Whole day in Gold Saucer

It's a wonder how people manage to NOT stay in a place like this. Its an amusement park/casino built within an MMO itself. #gameception . Its such a happy place to be.

Dat fat hatchling.Try feeding it, it goes nuts. 

I sent my Merry in for breeding yesterday. I felt a little sad, goodbye my little racing companion that won so much for me. T^T IT'S THAT ONE PIECE SCENE ALL OVER AGAIN! 

So I called the offspring Merry as well. And its working. I've been winning quite a lot. I was going to call it Sunny but they dont have the word.

The Bunny Crown looks so cute on a lalafell.

And bringing my pets in all over the place. No rules say I cant. :}

Friday, 27 February 2015

Traipsing into the unknown

Few weeks back, when we were bored while farming mounts, we went around walking to places that were off the map. There is some way you can while jump up those rocks around coerthas.

 Im not very good at jumps, so you see my just sitting on Sith's choco while he does all of it xD

 Walking on air literally :)

Theres another area that you can access in the Mist, you have to go from the garden of a large house.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Having a Manderville gold time!

Welcome to the Manderville Golden Saucer!
where all your dreams come true and pockets empty

Bunny girls galore at the entrance to greet you, and the main counter is where you can buy the mini cactpot daily, exchange your MGPs for prizes, and exchange your gil for MGPs.


GATEs are essentially these FATES in the Golden Saucer, (hence the name), that you can participate to get MGPs. You can talk to any GATE Keeper to see when the next one will start. The more fun ones are the ones where you rescue the hatchling at the top of this cliff, and finding the suspicious imp.

Chocobo Races

You can get a new chocobo from the Chocobo Square, by taking the lift at the main square. This racing choco is different from your personal one. You can name it and feed it food to make it stronger. Participating in races will rank it up, and it is pretty fast and a good way to earn MGP.

Triple Triad

Everyone is in a sweeping frenzy over this card game. You can challenge with NPCs to obtain cards from them, some drop from dungeons like the Garuda card, from Garuda HM. Anyway, you can see from this site: for a list of NPCs, cards etc.
My FC members are in a tizzy collecting cards, well except me. Card games were never really my thing, I dont have the patience to play it. I prefer to do chocobo racing :3

Mini Games

There are several mini game machines strewn around the saucer that you can play. The payout is really low though, and this ball toss is the hardest one.

This bunny lala is pretty fetching dont you think? I cant believe I actually said fetching.

The Jumbo cactpot which you can enter weekly. Grand Prize is 1M MGPs!

Dont worry little fellow, you will get to race one day..

Senor Sabotender is always around to brighten your day.

Someone with Water Imp minion, and two of my FC membies with the new ponytail hairstyle.

Sunday, 22 February 2015