Thursday, 31 October 2013

Wanna go Titan for fun?

Cleared Turn 2 last week! Super happy moment because Turn 1 took forever and I even felt hopeless. Turn 2 was not that difficult for me or all of us for that matter, just needs communication.
BC is not some duty finder type of dungeon, because it requires a lot of teamwork and talking. So im glad they dont have it on the DF.

PLeez drop my gear tonight.

Monday, 7 October 2013

I got the Crags.

Getting there...
Just a bit more...

Finally, Titan Hardmode DONE in a PUG. After a week of trying. Me & Zh were about to give up today but just tried our luck once again.

yes that dragoon pretty much was useful for titan's heart only, after that he just slept there for the whole fight. lucky duck.
This party was a godsend..everyone was on the ball, tank didnt take too much from table flips, and those landslides didnt get in the way when we hid from bombs.

People, you have to try this if you ever played WOW or any other MMO. Titan HM is the most challenging thing to raid, especially when you are doing it in a pug. Be it a tank or healer or dps, everyone has to be on their toes and its SOOOO heart racing. If you ever down it you will feel like the greatest beef on earth.

Relic Weapon Gets

Relic Weapon +1

YAYYYY~~~~ all that effort paid off! Feels really satisfying ^o^
Next we probably have to help our friends get it.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

I've put it off as long as i could...

Now my carbuncle will evolve into a Garuda-egi... T^T
I cant summon it anymore, unless I go back to an arcanist.
O so sad over some pixels...