Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Reel World part 2

Fishing in Coerthas & Mor Dhona makes you seem like an ant.

Skyfishing; only in Final Fantasy, where fishes are present in the sky and birds are on the ground.

I havent figured out the place to fish around here. Is there a secret passage or something?

I really hope they add an Aquarium tank to the house soon. I saved some cute fishes that I thought I can put in a tank in the house, but I guess its not soon.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

A reel swell time

Fishing in FFXIV is getting fun. I hated it at first.

Look at that face.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Lightning Returns Part 4 (possible spoilers)

Last part of Lightning's Fate occurs at Mor Dhona, just a little east. Its a two-part. First is to kill a horde of Anubys. 

And the next, a giant winged-creature appears called Aspect of Chaos. Awwww so cool.....like a male Garuda. I didnt notice until I checked the screenshots that Odin appeared, a different Odin of course. He was there to help us fight this Aspect.

I was able to take many shots because it as relatively empty in the wee morning. :)

After its done, Lightning thanks Odin and walks off. Drat I wished I had more time to see it clearly.
Went back to Gridania for the quest, and the story I suggest you not skip it. Its pretty heart warming.

And this is the Guardian Corps set on my Lalafell. I like it! Thought it wouldnt look as nice on a lala but it does.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Lightning Returns Part 3

But first, an ultra cute screenshot of my lalafell. :)

OK. Part 3 of Lightning's fate spawns in Coerthas Highlands, a litle south of the words Whitebrim on the map. There's another area too but I went to this one.

As usual, fate takes quite long to appear. And this is the Clockwork Dreadnought. Familiar yes? If you've been to Turn 4.

And Lightning walking away cooly. :)

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Lightning Returns Part 2

Part 2 of Lightning's Fate chain is to head over to Uldah and get the quest from an NPC. After that head to either Ala Mhigo or Highbridge to do a Fate.

I went to both and they're the same monster, so its up to you. This time it isn't so crowded because people aren't farming it anymore.

The Fate takes a longer time to spawn, and then this Armored Beast comes out. Looks pretty darn cool. :)

And then also Lightning walking away.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Lightning Returns

Lightning's Fate started yesterday and hordes of people were in Three Malm Bend camping for it. It was as bad as an Odin Fate.

I managed to complete the quest yesterday, and since its repeatable, I went again this morning when it was less crowded. Managed to get a glimpse of Lightning! :)

I got 3 Parcels so far, maybe I'll just stop here. The others dont really interest me.

 Grimoire Wing 

I'Cie Bardiche 

Blazefire Saber

Star Seeker

(edit: just found out i got extra parcels so here's the bow.)

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

FFXIV 2.1 from reddit

Known Changes in Patch 2.1

New Level 50 Content

  • Extreme Mode Primals [Source]
  • Good King Moggle Mog Primal [Source]
  • One Hard Mode Version of a Story Fight/Encounter [Source]
  • One new 4-8 man Level 50 Dungeon (Pharos Sirius) [Source]
  • Two Hard Mode Dungeons [Source]
  • Crystal Tower 24 Man Multi-Part Raid [Source]

New Unknown Level Content



  • Three housing locations (See note at bottom of post)
  • Multiple different settings/etc. [Source]
  • Three sizes (S/M/L) [Source]
  • FC Housing only [Source]
  • Over 220+ Pieces of furniture/etc. [Source]
    • Roughly 85% of the Furniture/etc. will be DoH/DoL created items [Source]

Duty Finder

  • Updates to include a board for seeking party/etc. for each individual server.
  • Dungeons/etc. Split up into categories. [Source]
  • MVP System [Source]
  • AFK Auto-Kick [Source]
  • Dungeon EXP Increased [Source]
  • Item Level Restrictions on Content [Source]
  • Dungeon Roulette [Source]
    • Tomes given for competing 'random' dungeons in each category. [Source]

Free Companies

  • Automatic FC Leadership Transfer for extended AFK time. [Source]
  • FC Alliances (Possibly pushed to 2.2)
  • Improvements to FC Bank

Beauty Salon

Balance Changes

User Interface

  • Fixes to Focus Target Bar [Source]
  • Inventory Sorting [Source]
  • Improvements to Camera handling [Source]
  • Better item comparisons (Might be pushed to 2.2)
  • Fixes to Behemoth/Odin [Source]
  • Targeting Improvements for Summoning Bells and NPCs [Source]
  • Right click to blacklist [Source]
  • Fix for Crafters' names not showing on crafted items [Source]
  • Pet Macros [Source]
  • Chat message sounds for channels other than just /tell [Source]
  • Market Board Updates
    • Amount of Gil shown when browsing [Source]
  • Multiple PS3 Updates
    • Focus Targeting for PS3
    • Can un-assign L3/R3 [Source]


  • Invulnerability during Raise animation. [Source]
  • Food bonuses no longer fade upon death. [Source]
  • 10,000 Guidhests Achievement being eased [Source]
  • The Return of a 1.0 Character [Source]
    • Most likely referring to Hildebrand [Source]
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix for Holy Shield +1's Glow Effect [Source]

Note on Balance Changes : Items in the Balance Changes section come from the latest Live Letter, and while these were stated explicitly, it was under comment that the specifics are still in flux, so some may be added or removed as they feel the need. Some of these also vary on translation between Reinhart's translation and the official translation.
Note on FC Housing Locations : There are conflicting sources on whether this will be Limsa Lominsa's housing area only, or all three housing areas.

Friday, 8 November 2013

yes yes twintania, youre so fine.

This was yesterday when we were playing Hide & Seek in Camp Bronze Lake.
Light & I were just running around Limsa bored, then he came up with this game & asked Nako to come find us. Nako said that if he does Light has to pay 1M. lol. of course we didnt think he'd really come but he showed up behind us suddenly. lol moment.

Ok so we hid and Nako tried to find us. He did it pretty quick, and demanded 1M from me. i refused his trade and we started raging at each other haha.
Then next Nako hid and we tried seeking. He had a damn good spot i must say! We ran around trying to find him, and he was like 'yawn...i shit finish already you two still havent found me'. idiot.

After all that we started to go Turn 4.
It is our second day of trying. First day we were all still newbs at it. And surprisingly we downed it on the first try yesterday!! None of us expected it because on Phase 2 we were lagging a bit on dps, but everything pulled through and we all cheered when we saw the cutscene. ^o^
Sadly, still no sign of healer stuff but I am not that sad about it. I think the dps/tanks need it more.

So of course we had to go see Twintania and shake in our boots a little bit. Because why not.

Hmmm well...lets see how long we will take to down this.