Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Ace Attorney Dual Destinies DLC Case

I had clean forgotten about this DLC until my friend told me about it. So I bought it from the e-store. Its well worth it. ^v^ Should definitely get it if you are itching to play Ace Attorney.

Full of cute animals.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

5 Days free login / Yokai Watch 2016!

So we came back for free login week and the Yokai Watch event. This event will run til 3rd Oct.

Did moogle beast tribe quests as well, to get this mallow mount. That will have to wait.

Unlocked this mount after getting all the yokai minions. Did a lot of Fates!

This shows how small a lalafell is to other races..

And for the heck of it, completed the Hildebrand quests.

Below shows all the minions, and 2 of the weapons i got. Cant be bothered to get all the weps since no use for it and i have no inventory space.