Monday, 18 May 2015

Bravely Default and Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright

I finally got around to buying Bravely Default last week and have been playing it whenever Im not raiding. It has grown to be quite addictive. I just reached Ancheim, which is the second town in the game. Meaning new jobs to unlock :D

(The above was posted like months ago)
I kind of stopped playing after I got defeated by the ninja and Klint. What an annoying pair. Keeps stealing my potions and healing back! >:( So I had no choice but to search online for help. I then used 3 black mages and just focused on the ninja. Klint will run away when one of them reaches half HP. And it worked. After months I beat it. -_- Thats not the worst part. The next one is the fat chairman AND KLINT. god...I just shut down the game and decided to not play it anymore. 


I like this one! Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright. You get to switch between Layton and Wright, best of both worlds. The story itself is very riveting, almost to completion now after a few days. :)

Cute animals everywhere.

The artwork for the puzzles has improved a lot, it feels like.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Waiting for Heavensward

Nothing here but us spriggans sitting around..

Finally got Kirin. Not as worth the trouble but what else is there to do nowadays huh.
Attempting Savage...

Monday, 4 May 2015

GTA V - its a setup its a setup its a setup

I've finished! The story mode of this game. This song is really good!
Honestly, I was never set out to do the story mode of this because at the start it didnt seem interesting. But ZH told me its good so I tried it out. Since, I cant play online mode all the time, and I had to wait for my friends to do the Heist together. 

Franklin is one lucky mofo, living in this pad for free. Look at this smug face of his.

"3 lifetimes for you to achieve this, dawg."

"At the Meltdown premiere!"

Online mode is done too, Heists-wise. We did the Pacific Standard Heist about 3 times already. The money is really good. So I bought an Insurgent. Look at ma baby! *v* Its so tanky and huge, I love it.

Me, Joel and ZH after the completion of Pacific Standard. #Swag 
Whenever we come back out into Freemode after a heist, a boxing fight breaks out and we try killing each other. It starts from fists and ends with rocket launchers. o_o