Friday, 14 February 2014

Ace Attorney Dual Destinies II (spoilers)

I just finished the 2nd turnabout a couple days ago. I felt they animated this shifty tanuki very well.

Knew this sucker was guilty. I had felt he would become a scary-evil, like Thalia. That girl scared me. But he was a mushy blubber after he was convicted. Pshaw. And doesnt this just look like the Joker?

And then on to the third, Turnabout Academy. How would you react with two handsome attorneys in front of you? :3

These 2 are very similar to Wright & Apollo arent they?

And....guess who is back. :)

Ok thats where I'm up to. Still waiting for Edgey to pop up. Sigh~

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Moogle Moggle Pt2

After murdering many moogles, I managed to manipulate my Malevolent Mogwand. :3

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Will you be my FFXIV Valentine?

The mood of love has hit Eorzea! This is Limsa, all decked out in red & hearts. You have a series of quests to do in each of the 3 towns, no Fates. (woo!)

The story are, as one of my fc members said, not of happy endings. This one in Limsa was particularly funny, so dont skip through it.

In Ul'dah's gold court. Pretty neat too.

After doing all 3 towns' quests, you go back to Limsa and receive the final one. Which gives you the costume. I cant say im fond of it. Reminds me that Harley Quinn from Batman. 

Of course, the fun starts here when 4 naked hyurs started doing the Hildebrand pose with their heart-hearts. Everyone was entertained. Some roes joined in as well.

Afterthat, our FC started taking screenies. It was quite an effort to organize a group of people.

Syl the troll.

And people thought we were doing a show like the hyurs, lol...we got requests to do it again.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Psst, Qiqirn.

Sowwie, I wont do it again.

 A big Brickman all to ourselves.

Ace Attorney Dual Destinies I (spoilers)

I started playing this a few days ago..and am on case two right now. Case 1 involves Juniper Woods, a friend of Athena's. And this scary looking bomb expert called Ted Tonate. (haha)

There's a new feature from Athena called the Mood Matrix, which kind of allows you to sense the emotions in the person's tone of voice. It's pretty cool. Case 1 is usually happening in court so its a shorter one. 

On to 2, which is a flashback. I'm playing the part of Apollo now. I really liked Apollo's ability, it feels more interesting than the Magatama one. 

*fans self* Even Apollo cant resist Phoenix in a suit. 

One of the witnesses in this case & Trucy's friend. You can see the 3D-ness of that charm plastered on my 'head'. Though charms aren't probably translucent.

The creepy-creeptomatic Man-woman. Just screams GUILTY doesnt he. -_-"

Aww..Athena has the cutest face emotes.

And, the new jailbird Prosecutor, Simon Blackquill. Im sure you've seen him in the promos already. I havent advanced far enough to see more yet.