Thursday, 25 December 2014

Ser Kit & Chiaro Scuro's Wedding!

It's our first FC couple wedding, right on Christmas day, 7pm. What an awesome timeslot to get. hehe.

All of us here in the holding room, waiting to enter.

Tadaa....everyone is in the chapel. All blue theme is nice~

I feel everyone just stands at the front, no one really sits lol.

During the cutscene you can see our characters are clapping at the side lines.

We were all looking forward to the kiss, with their masks on. hahaha.

 And it was really hilarious.

Group screenies time!

And our presents to take back! The Demon Box is actually a spriggan hidden underneath, holding onto a sweetheart. aww...

Think the duration of 2 hours is a bit long. It probably doesnt take more than an hour, unless you mingle alot with the guests.


Well, there's a size glitch going on around. Light was playing with it a lot. See how much bigger he is. I almost thought he used his fantasia!

How you do it is you set to walk stance, ride your mount and go right ? Im not entirely sure.

But this is what happens when you have your minion out. Your Nutkin is in your armpits! Lol...must be nice & cozy in there.

For lalafells, itll be nesting in your head. Aww..

Those elezens and highlanders...damn they be huge. Compared to a normal sized highlander there.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Fan Festival Tokyo Screencaps

Me & Light were at the Tokyo Fan fest on Day 1, so we were there for the keynotes. I shall update on the festival when I get back! But meanwhile, the keynotes was spectacular! :D

Firstly, the new playable race: 

Au Ra

Its like a type of dragon-human race. The males are much taller and bigger built that the females. I thought the males looked super cool (although its like Elezens finally went to the gym), and the females look like another type of mi'qote, which was quite alright i guess.

I told Light next they'll have some Lalafell-Rabbit hybrid race. That'll be super cute. You heard it here first. :P

Dark Knight

We've already know that the DK will be coming soon, and its a Tank class, wielding a 2-hand great sword. But look how intimidating an Au Ra looks in it! It just fits.


Everyone was speculating the new class would be a healer that uses guns. Afterall, Yoshida did show a gun in the previous key note. We all thought it would be a healer.

What a facial! I think everyone totally did not expect this. Astrologian. ahmygerddd....look at that Artifact armor..and the globe..with the spinny wantttt...

The cards are too pretty...<33
Though I'm pretty sure Astro will be like a scholar-type. It doesn't feel like it will have burst healing like a White mage. But I'm definitely trying this one out first.


And we all were wondering if Yoshida will end it right there. I was thinking "Hmm? Hes not going to show the gunner class?" Out walks this man holding a toy gun, and tadaaa...Machinist.

I'm sure people with gun fetishes are excited..not so much for me ahaha.
You can hear it in the audience, everytime the gun bangs once, the audience will be "OOOAHH"
Not kidding you.

They even have their little turret!

Thats it for the new race, classes stuff. Next shown was Alexander. Light knows what this was before Yoshida said it. Tsk, little nerd. Its going to be the new raid after coil. So, wooo!

More flying mounts? Yes Please!
This is the new dragon mount, which comes with the Collector's edition, along with another Griffin mount, a dragon figurine, Cecil helm, Kain minion etc. Guess their CE sales have just skyrocketed.

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