Thursday, 29 May 2014

all the world's a stage

This is at IMG's house, tonberry server Goblet ward 1 plot 19. They have creatively created a stage and backroom area!

While helping Light with Garuda Ex, the mount dropped. Guess who got it.

And, finally completed the excruciating grind for the pretty.

Melon Plays : Brayflox Speedrun new tanking method ?!

Monday, 26 May 2014

Friday, 23 May 2014

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Red or Blue or Yellow

Since the servers are lagging I was having fun with my glamours. Saw someone with the Woolen Bliaud and it looked so nice I had to use it too. :) That's Rolanberry Red and Abyssal Blue. I think Deepwood Green looks awesome as well, might try it afterwards.

Sailor Top with Patrician's Botttoms, Leather shoes. And the Grimoire Wing.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Bears and Lions

Saw the PVP PLD set in rev toll. Sugoiiii....also the Cobra one but that guy teleported away before i could screenie it.

And the Titan-corn my guildie got. Lucky!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Our Goblet House (2.2)

Hey there, our house recently got refurnished by a guild member. Just want to share with you her handiwork! (Yes, its a her.) If you are ever in Tonberry server, come visit us at Goblet Ward 1 Plot 25! :)
Please click on pictures to enlarge.
Ground Floor

I love our entrance even more now. Feels so cosy and homey.

Our Tonberry corner on the left is my favourite. Hoping to add a Carbuncle area on the right side.

Second Floor

Bookshelves make great partitions, adds some divide yet doesnt  feel so covered up.

The Leader's interrogation room.

Bedroom. cosy. Thats our little toy chest holding all our Lalafell toys.

Our upper storey sitting area with Merlywb looking over us.

Basement Floor

A Country home / Egyptian bath theme.

Dont mind the big guy, he just wants tips.

Our bar / kitchen area.

We wanted this to feel like a spa. Achieved.

Garuda couches fit here with the leaf rugs so much better than upstairs. We put a tub inside of this Llymlaen's Embrace.

Cool water veil feature.


I love this side of our garden. We placed some tables and put trees in the middle for shade. The other side is just our Titan lamp on fire. Still deciding what to do with it.

Painted our exterior pink. And we used the Oasis Stone Wall.

We went for this particular roof because we can have roof parties on top!

At night you can sit here to gaze at the starry Thanalan sky.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Melon Plays : Healer tanking Ifrit HM


Changed my glamour after getting the Paragon's Gown. Think this colour match is nice. I wanted to use the Butcher's Crown but it sadly doesnt fit with any costume I have.

Zaon Zanark proudly showing off his PVP set in Rev Toll. Too cool.

Sylphie changed into a Lalafail. HAHAHAHAHA. All just for that opo opo head stance. And lost stats for it. TSK.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Melon Plays : Gagboom & BJs on Turn 8

Just want to share with you guys our thrilling run on Turn 8! Please head over to the channel for HD quality!

Monday, 5 May 2014

You make me go GagaBoom.

We cleared Turn 8 The Avatar tonight! *cheer* We took a lesser time on this than on Turn 7. But still feele as great. We hit really close to killing it once a few days ago but everyone got roto-swiped by the dread. Dont know why too. :( Sad moments like these but makes us all the more happier when we finally clear.

Awesome people in the house. :)
Drops were Slaying Wrist, Healing Ring, and of course the Sands of Time.

Tonberry King

Love this new corner in our house. And check out my Kobold minion! Soooo kawaiiidesuu.