Friday, 23 January 2015

2.5 New Japanese themed furnitures

Welcome to our newly furbished basement. Thats the Tatami Flooring kindly provided by Yumi Nami. Very costly thing.

Items here: Pine Bonsai, Kotatsu Table, Frolicking Beasts, Oriental Wall Scroll

Weii turned it into a casino corner, so far a lot of people have come by to play. Some of these you can buy from an NPC in Mor Dhona in the new wing.

The kitchen for hungry guests. Those food on the table really make it colourful. I wish I could use the flags as partition. Was trying to make like a ramen house or something.

You can see we used the Oriental doors to divide into a sauna room with the Oriental Bathtub, and shisha or whatever that thing is called lol. Some lighting makes it really cosy.

If youre in Tonberry, Come by Goblet Ward 1 Plot 25 for a look see! :D

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