Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Yokohama Day 2 {Downtown in Chinatown}

I bought this the previous night. Its a crabmeat stick like the one i had in Kyoto last year. I dont think i can find it in Tokyo sadly. 

Going to the Red Brick Warehouse to see whats there. Im still in awe of how beautiful this place is. Its straight out of a storybook.

Most of the things sold inside are souvenirs, christmas decorations and novelty goods.

I really like how it fits so well with the christmas decorations. Feels like Im somewhere in Santa's Workshop.

Walking by the Harbour. We decided to walk all around yokohama that day, to save on transport and to see the sights. Its not really a big city so its walkable.

We found Chinatown! ZH was saying its funny how theres a chinatown in almost every country, but no indiatown whatsoever.

All you see are shops and shops selling Xiao Long Baos and these fishball things. I never understood what the fascination is with XLBs.

Oh, and Panda Buns. #Maximumstereotyping

I just had to have a matcha ice cream even though the weather is freezing. Its a wonderful feeling when your ice cream doesnt melt at all in your hands.
We walked out of chinatown and into this chic shopping street.

And uphill into this neighbourhood. Would be nice to live in these houses.

I really wanted that sleeping one on the top right! Gahhhh why u so cute!

These are little squishy gooey toys. I had fun squishing them.

I kinda wanna buy these...

Delivery Moogle

Delivery Moogle Minion! If i recall its gotten from a code you get from purchasing the Delivery Moogle Plushie.