Sunday, 30 March 2014

Better than Ever, Hildebrand

Started on Hildebrand's Quest today, because I want my Manderville Dance! Anyways, Hildebrand is always entertaining. :)

ANyone still remember this creepy old guy? I do.


This part was funny...and it all makes sense now.

Greg! You killer!


Saturday, 29 March 2014

Stone Stronghold

New furniture! I love the Tonberry and Carbuncle one but Carby is a 3-star craft. *sigh* Thats the Metal floor & wall on the first floor. I like how it matches the Illumination Module.

And here is the basement. Thats the Country Wall and Stone Flooring. Really like how it looks here. :)

FFXIV Patch 2.2: Day 2

I dont know what this Sun minion is supposed to do. You can poke it and it bobs up and down, but it wont follow you. WHY!? Maybe theres some dungeon thats pitch dark and requires everyone to pull these out and light up a path. HM01 FLASH!

I decided to do my Atma quest. Since everyone else was and I want to get a start on it. Some people as of today have gotten their Atmas already. :o

Here you can see where the dude wants you to go for the FATEs.

Then I spent some time gathering Soil & Seeds...and planting my garden. I hope my guildies will help me water them..those lazy bunch of bones...

Ball-dancing with my partner while waiting for Fates.

Yea we spent quite a long time in Moraby, but I was the one who got the Atma here. So now Light & I are tied 2-2. I continued Fating in Camp Bronze Lake and that was a dissappointment. :( Like 4 hours NADA. *sniffle*

Friday, 28 March 2014

FFXIV Patch 2.2: Day 1

Firs thing I did was: Main Story Quest Line. I drool. Everyone else was doing Moogle, T6, Atma and new content. But in order to get to Leviathan HM & EM...they make you go through this hellish main story first. And I was adamant on seeing Levi on the first day. And I want the weapon.

Quest after Quest...look how cool Merlywb is.

And the Whorl is here! WEEEEEEEE~

Doing the Beastman Tribe quests. See Light's new Hair.

Ah yes, did Leviathan HM finally. But sadly weapons dont drop in HM. Guess they figure it would be too easy for people on the first day to farm all weapons. They drop in EM instead.

And then i went to collect all the new dances. Left one more to get from the Hildebrand Quests.  Lala dancing is the best!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

2.2 Patch Notes : what is kewl.

Going through the latest patch notes. Am very excited for this friday to roll about. I dont know where to start!

To see it here is the link.
Im reading through it now so Ill see whats interesting, and whats not.

1. New Beast Tribe 

ughhh i thought i was done with tribe dailies....but i guess its too good to be true.
Well, this new rat-like minion is kyuuuute. I wants. And the Bomb balloon mount.
Beware Kobolds, Im going to steal your babies..

Well, these are both in Limsa. Darn, so far from our house in Uldah. 

2. New Dungeons added.

Lost City of Amdapor, HM Brayflox & Halatali. 
Yay, wonder if Amdapor will drop Tombstones of Soldiery. 

3. FATEs 

-Difficulty of Fates  will be scaled to amount of people participating. 
-Behemoth and Odin Fates are easier now.

4. Second Coil of Bahamut 

YEAAAAAA.....excited to traipse into the second coil. Im BiS for my character already, so I dont have to farm Coil 1 now. 
This looks like an underwater section....hooollyyyy, looks good. 

-Loot restrictions for Coil 1-5 Turns have been lifted. Means new players now can farm or loot as many times as they like, like a normal dungeon. This will help casuals to catch up, the hardcore ones can progress onto the new turns. 
-Players can now DF Binding Coil Turns 1-5. Of course theres still an ilvl requirement. 

5. Leviathan the Whorleater

This dev team has a knack for euphemisms and puns. I like. Excited to kill this 'whorl'. There's Hm, which drops the Levi weapons, and Ex...which I dont know yet what drops. Accessories? 

6. Great King Moggle Mogg

King Mogg extreme mode implemented. Wonder if it will be as hard or more before the HM was nerfed.

7. New Ponies from Extreme Primals.

I havent even got Nightmare and now they are coming out with extra series of My Little Ponies. Hm....choices choices...kind of like the blue or white one. Ah, by 2.3 I probably would have gotten all.

I guess since people are almost capped for primal weapons, they need to add new rewards to get them to keep doing Primal Ex. Like me, I have stopped farming it because i dont need any more weapons. 

8. Echo Buff 

Yeap, the much anticipated buff that will help people clear T5. I admit, before this week i was just sitting around waiting for 2.2 and this buff to clear Twintania. But now....i am just meh about it. I downed that bitch, got my cane, and couldnt care less. Still, if it will help my friends get their Allagan too, its a good move. Lets see how inba the buff will be. 

What i am not happy about this is, it will apply to Primals as well. NUuuuuuuu...this just takes the fun out of it. Ok, so HM will get a max amount up to 50%, EX will be 25%. 
And now that im rereading it, it doesnt mention Coil. Hmmm..?

9. Treasure Map adjustments

New rewards added, no more philos, mythos increased, soldiery added. Looks good.

10. New Grand Company items

Yea when i first saw these i squealed like a little girl. (jk) Cant wait to add them in the house.
But holy shit they cost 19,150 seals each. 

Ah yes, I see GC now sells the craft goods because philo will be obsolete. 

11. Amount of FC credits received will increase. ^o^

12. Gardening

Hm..well im not that much excited for this yet. Because im not sure what unique items will be harvested. We'll see. And also, zh mentioned whether we only get one plot or more, because there might be multiple guildmates who want to plant stuff. 

So, we will need to get seeds from Botany, and soil from Mining for these gardens. Then, u will need to fertilize it every hour. What is this, Harvest Moon? D:

Also, different plants grown together will render new plant species. wow.

13. Crafting benches and NPCs.

These benches will benefit the level 40 below crafters. You can put them in your house. Guess that is why Small house have a basement now. I can foresee a small house crammed full of these benches ONLY, if they didnt have more space. 

The NPCs will be a lifesaver. Especially when I have to mend my low lvl gear but dont want to use my Grade 5 matter. Or when I have to run to the Goblet Exchange to sell my junk. 

14. New Hairstyles

Ehh...not much but i can complain. I still like my current lala hair. 

15. Reset is now Tuesday 1AM PDT. 
Which means 4PM for us.Weird timing.

16. Tombstones

Soldiery will be the new Mytho, Philos will be unobtainable. Mythos will have no cap. You can still exchange your philos for mythos after the patch. 

17. Skills timers will not reset when changing classes in residential. 

18. Players can now summon chocobo even after its been summoned as companion

19. Master recipe books
Making new armors and Glamour Prisms.
And also, Glamour system is implemented too. Prepare to see many slutty miqotes.

20. Retainers can do ventures

They can now go out and help you collect mats or something. You can gear them, assign them a class.
It would be nice if they can gather my map for me, because im too darn lazy.

Oh wait i think its...possible. :o OOOH YEA you can request them to get a specific item for you.

ok i think thats the end. Looking forward to it!