Saturday, 29 November 2014

Phoenix Down!

After much trial & errors, we finally downed Turn 12 today. Very healing intensive fight. If I thought Turn 10 was bat shit crazy, i thought wrong. Kriem basically had to sing ballad constantly throughout the fight for me. And hes still singing as we take screenshots haha!

Yoyo has uploaded our video here :

Our clear was very clean to say the least. We did a 1% wipe, as per our usual dumb selves. I kept on topping everyone up with cure 2s and such because, who knows, they might eat another pinion or something. To be on the safe side, i just brute force healed the crap out of it.

Some cutscene screenies below. & some of the Final turn 13.

Such an epic looking arena, much intimidated.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Some random stuff + update

Some of our Fc members taking a portrait in the house.

Lala Saint. How cute.

Having an amusement park ride in the Goblet. weee! Use the bomb mount, set to walk + follow.

Sitting in line.

My Desktop is down videos & screenshots are no-go. :(

Also, Light & I will be overseas during December 4-23! We will be going to Taiwan and Japan, after that I will be blogging about it so stay tuned. You can check out our trip to Japan last year too on this blog. :3 Also, we'll be updating our Instagram @cgien @zaktoh for day to day updates too :)

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Personal Rooms 2.4!

I was looking around at my Fc members' personal rooms today. This is Autumn Wind's. Look! I knew we can put food out now but I forgot we can do so for our own rooms too.

He even has the Glade Canopy Bed. :O

So cosy looking.

Then I decided to redo my own room too. dining area.

I like this masonwork flooring, looks rustic.

Since I didnt want to spend money on a canopy bed, I improvised it with a cheap bed & columns. :)

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Shiva Extreme Weapons

True Ice Shield & True Ice Brand

True Ice Axe

True Ice Claws

True Grimoire of Ice

True Ice Rod

True Ice Cane

True Ice Bow

True Ice Daggers

Yep, most of what I've seen but still missing a couple of them.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Loldrgs Convention

So..we were making raid decisions late one night, we were switching Weii out from DRG to SCH. And through talking, all of us were standing around, with our spears. Look at all the different kinds we have!

Then we decided, hey lets do T9 to get Weii his book. Light put it on PF. Few moments later, he said this...enlarge to see. Hilarious.

We did not realise we were PF-ing as DRGs. People were telling Light "How do you do T9 with 7 DRGs??"

Sunday, 9 November 2014

New HM Dungeons (Satasha, Temple of Qarn, Snowcloak)

Still unsure of this boss' mechanic. When hes doing the one shot attack, someone has to stun him. Otherwise, I try to get out of his front and esuna the fracture.

This one...kill adds and stuff.

Kraken is just a bitch in the butt. Such a long fight.. -__-

Temple of Qarn was interesting, surprisingly.

I liked this one, was fun. :>

Big Yeti in snowcloak. Let him hit the spriggans with his cone attack, they will turn into snowballs. Break the snowballs at him. You can keep on building the snowballs up.

This one was a DPS check? When it hits 4 stacks you get frozen.

Fenrir! Sadly, i thought fenrir would be a primal fight. OH well.

Get behind one pillar when he does Lunar Cry, other than that its simple.

Ultros and Typhon

You get to unlock this trial after completing the Hildebrand story.

Its a pretty interesting fight. You cant let the whole party get knocked out the arena or its a fail. Im not sure if tempered will works here. I saw a SCH that was able to stay in the arena when everyone got knocked out. Wonder if he jumped out first, and came back up while everyone flew. If so, thats a very well timed thing. I tried and it didnt work.

DPS all turned into cute little kappas.