Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Do you wanna build a Snowman?

Too adorbz, even if I do say so about myself. :)

The Tonberry & Kobold minions actually interact with each other. Theyre just bouncing in sync! These little details...

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Silly Lighto.

Light making fun of Terry the Gigantpole.

This bard casually mentioned 'oh 3 melees', and light started this troll. We were all laughing so hard on mumble.

Monday, 28 April 2014

New Updates from Nico Event PART 2.

  • Patch 2.28 to be released in May.
  • Additional housing areas to be added in 2.3.
  • There has been many requests for increasing the number of furniture that can be placed within housing. However, due to server stress, this will not be possible for now.
  • Personal rooms within FC housing will be slightly larger in size compared to the inn rooms found in the 3 cities. Other players may enter your room (permission may be turned on/off). Not yet determined whether to allow people to go straight to their room from outside (front door).
  • Personal housing will require a lv50 character and achieving a certain rank within a Grand Company. Will be implemented once personal rooms are ready or slightly after. May possibly be delayed until 2.35.
  • Other PvP related adjustments will also be made in 2.28 and 2.3. All PvP skills will be unlocked from the start and will become reset-able freely (to encourage more participation). No words yet as to what will happen to the existing skill reset items.
  • New PvP mode Frontlines will be implemented in 2.3. Will be more friendly to newcomers due to the larger participant count. Will not necessarily be 8vs8vs8 (but still 3 teams). Designed to be 24+ man content.
  • Limit Break appearance will be changed to match the user's job (effect will remain same?) (no words yet on when this will be. Assume still in planning stage)
  • Number of Allagan Tomestone of Mythology that can be obtained from contents will be increased in 2.28 and/or 2.3.
  • Next chapter of Crystal Tower coming with 2.3. Will have many contents that should make old school FF fans happy.
  • Chocobo related new contents coming in 2.3 or 2.35 (Ability to craft chocobo food that can be fed to your chocobo that will allow it to reach even higher buddy ranks(?). May also allow chocobo training at stables. Possibly allow dyeing your chocobo).
  • In the process of testing 2-person mounts.
  • New contents that can be done with less than 4 people will be introduced.
  • Finalizing designs on marriage system (not coming in 2.3) (get married at the big church in east shroud). Wedding dress for brides will have semi transparent parts and flowing movement. should look great.
  • Wedding rings will be created for married couples. Discarding the rings will "divorce" them (lol).
  • Work on Dx11 version to continue after the world media tour. Aim to release before year end.
  • Big plans for beast tribe contents related to Goblins. Still pretty far off for now.

Extracted from this LINK

Sunday, 27 April 2014


We have a guest.


  • Gun and Dagger class/jobs were both confirmed and coming sooner than people think. Apparently soon after 2.3. (He said we are saving this info for E3-Announcements, looking forward to June 10th!)
  • The gun class isn't what people are expecting it to be.
  • Frontlines are aiming to be in 2.3! (They made it seem like it was an 8v8v8, not confirmed though)
  • Yoshi said Summoners will be getting Leviathan AND Ramuh pets, no mentioned when they would arrive.
  • Black Mage buffs and Summoner pet rebalancing to make others useful coming.
  • Yugiri's face was apparently shown to Nakamura, who gasped. No images as of yet.
  • Gold Saucer will be BIG. He wants the games to encompass more than just playing with friends. (Hints at match making and chocobo races.)
  • Personal rooms for your FC housing mentioned again. He said it would be like a mog house from ff11 with decorating.
  • The new 2.3 Dungeon will be outside, and deal with water, supposedly in La noscea.
  • Crafters are getting something to do with salv- (He was cut off, people thought it was salvage, but he claims that he wasn't going to say salvage.)
  • Phantasia Potions for sale in May!
Smaller Less Important Tid-bits:
  • People complained about still going to the waking sands, solution is coming.(Urianger is staying behind because of the twins are fighting and he doesn't want to leave Alisae(the female twin) behind on her own. Apparently as part of the story, they will make the move in 2.3) So no more waking sands trips!
  • Hildibrand was originally supposed to be a Lalafell.
  • Yoshi said to watch the Hildibrand cutscenes again and pay attention to a reoccurring person in the back ground stalking Nashu. He said he was surprised no one caught this.
  • Gerolt's name in japanese is Gero, which literally means "barf", is getting a personal story to explain his rocky past where he was not such a nice person.
  • Stitches in the moogle* are being removed because japanese players find them scary. (Was unclear if he meant the moogle pet or the moogle housing item)
  • Housing Instruments if all played at the same time will play a memorable song.

Extracted from this LINK 

My Little Pony

A little display of the Primal Unicorns. Wherefore art thou, Titan-corn?

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Stone Soup

Last night, we finally cleared this horrendous ordeal. HUZZAH!

2 Bard loot and Oil, Tombstone. Lucky Jane, his job was tough but well rewarded in the end!

Monday, 21 April 2014

GC Leaders' Portraits

Sooo beautiful...! Costs a bomb of seals though.
If I didnt get kicked out of house after exiting a dungeon I'd probably spend more time inside the house. :{

Stone Rock Cold.

While gathering in Fallgourd taking a break from our T7 fight. Sitting with some familiar players. This is one of the most frustrating ones after Twintania. Actually, we could have cleared but some of our members had to get used to the mechanics. And people just had to stay very alert for Cursed Voice, otherwise its a wipe.

I cant wait for a group stoneskin skill. All that prebuffing is making me loony.
We probably spent close to 24 hours soon on this boss. Hoping to clear tonight. Fingers crossed.

Here was the moment that came and went. And you can see, this is pretty much what we healers see throughout the fight. ._.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Leviathan Etcs

I got the Leviathan Weapon set. But damn....the wand looks like a toothepick D:

I got a barb and got my Levi barding crafted too. Thanks Twoby! ^^
I like this barding even though some may not. Pretty cool!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Neighbours, baby behemoths and cookies

Our neighbours from Goblet swung by our house yesterday, and we bonded really well.

Thats the weird oji-san leader in pink tights. Lalafells should stay away.

And then we had our little group discussion in their house. As well as a mini party. It was hella fun.

Behe kissies!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Fat is the new Skinny

All hell breaks loose when new items are released. Look at the amount of fat chocobos!

I love my Moogle minion. ^^ So worth it!

Look at them dancing in a circle!

Takes 2 to dance. :)

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Happy Hatching Tide!

Hatching Tide has started! Places are full of colourful eggs. Wish there were bunny costumes instead of egg shell hats though.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A peaceful day in Eorzea

A typical day when all is well in the land of Eorzea, the members of SeeD relax in the spring sun of their garden.

They tend to their crops and tidy up the house.

And by night, they clamour around the warm glow and talk about life.

Lalafells anyone?

Hanging around with our Guildmates.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Friday, 4 April 2014

Making Green Enkidu Curry

Zeru wanted to give Mira his gf the Sailor set, so I made it for him. How sweet are they..

Leviathan Barding :o

Battle on the Big Bridge with Gilgamesh.

Farming for Atmas with the beautiful sunset behind. :3


I got around to doing my HM dungeons. Sunday I was still at 10 Soldieries and I panicked (a little). So i started on them. I stupidly went to queue for normal roulette thinking there will be Sols from it. WRONG. wasted my time running through DD. T^T

Actually it was the Expert DR that gave Sols.

I found Halatali HM the easiest, and its cool we get to fight other 'classes'. 

Brayflox Longstop HM. 
I had heard it was difficult before I went in but it wasnt at all. The last boss you just have to watch out when he runs in circles, and push those bombs as far as possible with aoe skills.

Lost City of Amdapor. With all the fluffy dandruff air. It was pretty fun except we had to compete with server lags. Was so bad my party wiped at Diabolos like 10 TIMES. ugh. But Diabolos is a fun fight.