Thursday, 26 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Monday, 23 December 2013

Frosty the snowman

Christmas is around the corner.

Pharos Sirius, quite a pain to do for first-timers.

Playing in other FC's houses.

Attempting the Moogle King.

Cute little Buffalo.

Crystal Tower.

Bluebird! T^T Not mine sadly.

Haukke Hard .

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

2.1 - A look at the Money Sinks.


Small Plot 

Medium Plot 

Large Plot 

Lavender Beds - Gridania

This place is the only one out of three that you have to take a boat to get to, but its free. I dont like that it is quite far from town.
I think a small plot is just the right size for an FC below 50 people. Anyway, not everyone will be on / in the house at the same time. I like the Medium the most but the price is ridic. And forget the large, its best for a 500 people one.

I waited till daylight to see how it looks, and I'm surprised Gridania is nicer than it looks from the Live Letter. My initial opinion was that it was too messy. Plus this place has 2 WATERFALLS. Nuff said. One of my FC mates said the rendering looks like its at the World Tree, but I didnt see any big tree anywhere.

The Goblet - Ul'Dah

What can I say except that its right outside of town, so its the most convenient one. My first pick was Goblet, because they showed the waterfall in this, and the rendering looked so futuristic. But now its become my last pick. But at this point I havent seen Mist yet. Honestly, damn plain but maybe when houses start filling in it might be nicer. You do get a nice view of canyons though.

Mist - Limsa Lominsa

OK this is my winner, I am seriously blown away. I've seen screenshots, videos but they arent as nice when you see it yourself. Its not so dark & gloomy, the weather was just rainy. I may be biased, but look! Doesnt it feel like you are in Santorini? I even have a beach view, a cat servant fanning me while I sip on my Long Island Tea. (JK) And you have to be there for sunset, holy mama...

Mist, wait for me.
And just to show you my...enthusiasm.

A realm awoken 2.1 - Some things I did.

Daily Beast Tribe Quests, in Ala Mhigo and Hawthorne Hut. You have 6 allowances a day so I split them between the two.

Visit Mor Dhona & get your Crystal Tower Quest. Have fun waiting for hours for the fates to pop.

Try PVP. I kind of sucked at it but we manage to get the hang of it after that. There are gears you can buy both from vendors and market boards.

Get Haukke Manor & Copperbell HM. This was Haukke, and I was surprised by how beautiful it is, is it the same as before?

Go to Aleport and rescue the little kitty & puppy. They will love you for it.

The Gentleman is back ( quest spoilers)

Hildebrand is back in 2.1. I didnt know about this dude at all, but he is really comical, along with the Aesthetician. I suggest you not skip cutscenes here because it is funny.

Shocked face.
Here you can see the new hairstyle for female Lala. I kind of like it. The other one is the Lightning hair.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Started from the bottom now we're here

Thats Drake's song btw.
Cant believe it, we were just 5 people, then pugging for coil, then having a fixed party for coil...and now, we almost have 3 groups!

We are stopping for now, because keeping it relatively small is better. It getting quite noisy sometimes, but its a blessing to have more friends.

Monday, 9 December 2013

What to do while waiting for 2.1?

If you havent done fishing, give it a try. Just pull up youtube or any movie at the side, & wait for your rod to move.

Join an FC and make some friends. There are funny conversations to be had, and you can help out people in doing dungeons.

Get your Luminary weapon for your crafting/gathering class. Then stand around town showing it off.

Craft things to sell. Economy is slowing down, especially on my server, but some things are still selling well. Like Deviled eggs for example.

Train your Chocobo. Get a Lv 50 Whm, get a party of 4 friends with 4 chocos, Holy them to death. I saw a party East of Quarrymill doing that.

Hope these kill time for you.
Cant wait for Crystal Tower!