Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Au Ra Eyes

 I went and played around with the character creation again. I wanted to go with the male Au Ra but I might consider the female. Who knows. I have 2 months to decide.

This is what my lalafell looks like. (Well 99%)

And what it will look like if it "grows up". (And somehow becomes a dragonkin)

There's two ways of playing around with the eye colour and limbal ring colour. Dark outside or dark inside.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Mangoes on their ears (Heanvensward Benchmark)!

Benchmark for Heavensward is released today. Everyone is trying out the new Au Ra customization. I must say I like the Xaela more than the other one. Its more exotic. The scales and horns really match with the dragoon armor. Though that means all you can play is dragoon. o_o

New Au Ra Hairstyles are much nicer than what we have now. It feels smoother and more anime-ish. Light doesnt like this face for females, he says it looks like mangoes on their ears. :S

Im thinking of playing the male Au Ra. This hair is so Bomb. Its what I expected for Elezen but they turned out to be limp pale sticks. Now these are more muscular and taller, and look mean. :)

The other races get 2 new hairstyles each for male and female. The classic dad hair, the poofy ponytail for males. And braids and high ponytail for females.

Then the Benchmark itself. Its not really an issue for my PC to handle FFXIV, but I tested it for fun, and to watch the cinematics. At first I didnt set it to my full resolution, and full screen mode, but the results are nearly the same.

Seeing that Lala WHM makes me wonder if I play a male Au Ra, how am I going to pull off that new AF robe....

Thursday, 23 April 2015

GTA V: exploring Los Santos

I was playing Story Mode today, and i'm up to the point where Trevor has found Michael and here, Michael went to the FIB (haha). The view here is spectacular at night! You should come see it. Look at that huge cloud hovering over the city.

A side view of the Vinewood Sign.

The Bureau looks like some astrological site.

In the afternoon, I chanced upon a makeshift replica of Hollywood Blvd, or whatever its called. This is the place with all the stars' names on the floor. There was a tourist bus that goes around showing you where celebrities live. So I hopped on too. (Costs me $40) I was trying to find the Playboy Mansion. And find it I did!

It gets more crowded at night time.

And...Before this Trevor was stuck in some god-knows-where place that I didnt leave him at, So I was trying to get him home but this mountain was in the way. I chanced upon a cable car ride that took me up to this mountain. View was foggy but awesome. Parachuted back to the house. #Daredevil

2 poor souls rest here.

That day, my online character decided to get los ridiculosos and wear biking shorts. Super gay. And taking a bathroom selfie like a girl. HAHA.

That is my car. The armored Kuruma in Hot Pink! I previously had an Infernus but this is probably the only car you'll need for everything. You can zoom into any big fight guns blazing, sitting in this baby and not die. As long as they dont shoot a rocket at you.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

GTA V Online

Been playing Grand Theft Auto V since the launch for PC online last week. I didnt think of playing this but Light went and bought me a copy. At first I wasnt that into it but gradually it became more fun. I have never played GTA at all before this, so I had to learn the controls and how the game works. 

It definitely is more fun when u get to play with your friends, and the Heists are the highlight of it all. One night we spent hours trying to clear Prison Break. 

This is the Snapmatic app in your phone, which you can use to take selfies and photos, with filters and borders to customise. Below is one of me & Light, wreaking havoc in the city and going to the top of the tallest building to parachute down. The parachuting  didnt go well and we both splat and died. Lol.

Such cool. And then we continued to push npcs, kill players and run from cops.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

One Piece Bandai Chopper Mecha full set !

I saw these in Japan last December, but I didnt get it, and regretted. Mostly because Zh didnt approve and I had no luggage space. But since my brother went this time, I asked him to get it for me :D So happy with these boxes.

As like the ships, they give you stickers to paste. They have variations for Chopper's facial expressions so I used all different ones for the 5 sets.

It was kind of tough putting the small tiny pieces together. Look at some of these parts and stickers! I dont think a grown man could do it. And in order to paste these stickers as good as possible, I had to keep my nails.

One set gives u a sitting chopper and a standing. The sitting one will be on the vehicle, while the standing is like an extra toy.

Putting the parts together. And...TADA!

Coolest things ever! (Ok maybe not ever) But it looks so precious sitting over in my shelf right now. 
I like the red claw the most! 

All the different faces I put on Chopper.

The second part about getting all the sets is you can then combine it to build Chopper's Ultimate form.

Reassembling the parts to look like this...!

Cool huh? :) Though I still prefer to see them as individual vehicles.
My ships arent completed though. I only have Thousand Sunny and Moby Dick. Hopefully , I will be able to get all as well. Hope Bandai comes out with more sets.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Sims 4 : Big Oranges and second house building

The previous post I mentioned the boob slider. Well, now you can see for yourself. This isnt the maximum size. And this sleepwear looks really good too.

Wanted to show you a playful painting my sim did! Look at how cute the fruits are! ^o^

And these collectibles are too adorable. You can dig them from these rocks that spawn outside in your neighbourhood.

I read up on the new career options they had and I really wanted to try the Astronaut one, so I began building another Sim & another house. This time I wanted a rocket in the middle, with the rest of the house centered around it.

Tada! Build mode all done, now to furnish.

The overall view of it.

Firstly, the kitchen. For this house I figured out how to use the tall walls function. So it feels more chic. I had wanted an industrial concept for this, so some areas still have untouched concrete walls & floors.

The living area I initially had a less "grand" idea in mind. But I liked these bookshelves so much I decided to change it up, make it become more "Cambridge" like. And I wanted these toy vehicles, But there are no shelving units yet, so tables it is.

I always like my bathrooms stoned. It just feels more in tune with nature as I make the Nature call. (hue) I sized up that giant potted plant, but this resizing feature is still buggy. For mirrors it glitches out, and some other items dont size up even thought the boxes are bigger.

The bedroom/study. I kept the dry walls, think it looks good here. Some robot toys on my table that the cleaner keeps playing with. >:( I just dumped a toy castle there for the heck of it. The chess and treadmill are for the job related skills. And can you see the One Piece backpack? Hehe.

Overall view with walls up. You can see my entry way is pretty simple. One giant ass lamp, a coat rack & a vase of sakura. Tadao Ando would be pleased. The exterior house is untouched dry wall too.

And a few simdays later, my rocket is ready! I thought it would be bigger but oh well, it looks sweet!
I read that sims can die in outer space so I was scared to send her, but theres collectibles to get there...so I made her upgrade all the parts first. And blasto..

She was doing ok till Martians caught her. The landing back was so smooth.... :(
When the rocket landed back on earth, it was so loud I jumped in my seat. Thank god my sim didnt die though. No more space exploring for you young lady!