Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Oh my starry eyed surprise

Wee got it on the 10th Totem, so now I can buy another thing with it.

Light gave me a Lesser Panda he bought for cheap! haha....<3
Always thought it looked like a raccoon.

Astro LB3! Holy shit I want itttttt...I would level an AST for this LB...but still, I prefer to have power heals.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Hive Mind

Cleared both in a day, must say they really are fun. Not like the usual trials.

A Knight's Calling

This part was emotional for me. T^T Im sure you feel that way too.

Sacrifice for the greater good.

I like how this part makes me seem like I reborned into Dark Melon. It was unintentional though. I went to check out the new hairstyles one day.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Pale Rider

I could see it for so high up while flying and thought "What! Is that a person or the hunt?"

A headless horseman.

Heavensward: Royal Levin (Huge Spoilers)

These are bits and pieces of stuff. :) This was the giant fate that happened, I kind of died because I was standing right in front of it and I couldnt go back into the map. The things I do for screenshots..

Nanamo.... T^T Yukataa
Im so glad it didnt end that way.

I like the new skill stance more now, haha!
It says "YA-SHA!"

The range of Assize is really huge.

A look at the weird Shikaree's set for a healer.